We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.
— J.K. Rowling

past projects


Research: Women's Narratives within the ME Conflict

Women and children experience conflict differently and suffer the worst of war. I traveled to the Middle East Summer 2018 with the Olive Tree Initiative to further my own understanding of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the role women play in the peace processes. Now having returned from the trip, I am looking to engage community leaders on a discussion regarding women in the region and advocating for folks to vote in US domestic policies that inevitably affect the Middle East.

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Program: Diversity

Understanding diversity & inclusion is undoubtedly an integral part of understanding American society and I have curated a series of workshops specifically for ESL (English as a Second Language) students at UCIrvine looking to develop their leadership skills and further their understanding of American culture. The workshops take into consideration all levels of English comprehension and speaking abilities and aims to communicate through the sharing of experiences and narrative exchanges.

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Program: Having Difficult Conversations

One of the most important aspects of mentorship is to create safe spaces for conversations on identity and inclusion in a diverse community. I have made it one of my main goals this year to create this environment for the 64 first-year students that I mentor by developing programs that center around social education and engagement. *Conversation topics include: LGBTQ+ community, race & ethnicity, gender, income inequality, privilege, vulnerability and ally-ship.


Research: Examining Women's Employment in Costa Rica

With an interest in gender policies, I conducted research funded by the University of California, Irvine as an undergraduate fellow. My research focused on United Nations programs operating in Costa Rica on increasing women's employment opportunities. I conducted field work in San Jose with individuals affiliated with INAMU (the National Institute for Women) and UNDP and attended a press conference with Dr. Angela Davis on feminism in the Trump era. I presented my findings at the UROP Research Symposium in Spring of 2018.

Research: Modern Art & Society

Serving as a Research Assistant under Dr. Chin-Tao Wu at the Academia Sinica of Taiwan, I received hands-on training with conducting humanities and interdisciplinary research. Her specific research topic was on biennales and modern art.

Program: The Sustainability Initiative

In collaboration with the UC Irvine Global Sustainability Resource Center, I designed programs educating first-year college students on how to live more responsibly by conserving water and being mindful of our carbon footprints.



TEDxUCIrvine At the Core


TEDxUCIrvine curates various salons throughout the year to educate the community on different ideas and issues. In a smaller and more intimate environment compared to the annual events, BRAND U creates an engaging platform to discuss the "how's" and "why's" of personal and organizational branding.

Teaching Abroad Through AID Summer

I had the privilege of teaching abroad during Summer of 2015 at Wu Fung Elementary School in Chung Hua, Taiwan, where I was able to interact with and befriend 32 bright and eager elementary school students. This English summer camp was designed to help bridge these children with the global community and to encourage them to stay in school and pursue higher education.